A former litigator at a top Boston firm, Sarah's now managing a successful personal training and coaching business alongside household sysops and meal prep. With two cancer diagnoses under her belt, she understands the necessity of a healthy lifestyle. Living with a teenaged daughter, husband and a double-wide poodle, she understands the need to keep it all manageable.

Shocked into Whole Health

In 2001, at 32, a week before her first wedding anniversary, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her diagnosis, treatment and recovery forced her to rethink almost every aspect of her life:  what her career meant to her, the definition of a family, and how in the world she ended up getting cancer in the first place.

Bald and strung out on chemo, Sarah voraciously researched environmental links to cancer, and was horrified to learn about the “invisible hazards” that have seeped into every crevice of life: parabens, hormone-mimics, pesticides and more in everything from food to cleaning products to cosmetics.  What she learned led her to drastically change the products her family uses and the food they eat.

The Aftermath

After her first cancer diagnosis, she quit her job, founded a local chapter of a national young women's breast cancer organization, and focused on advocacy. She joined the Board of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, and between the two, committed herself to focusing on young women and the prevention of breast cancer.

Meanwhile, Sarah and her husband struggled with how to have the family they'd been planning when she was diagnosed. After deliberating every possible route to parenthood, they decided on adoption from China. In June of 2004, they met their daughter in a far-West province. Life has been even richer and more joyful since.

Part Deux

Things were going along swimmingly until, on the eve of her ten-year cancerversary, the beast came knocking again. A new primary cancer was detected in the opposite breast. It was small, but the writing was on the wall. Sarah had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on September 19, 2011. Thankfully, no further treatment was necessary. She blogged about Cancer, Round II at Be The Weeble.

Bringing it Together to Serve

Throughout it all, health and fitness have remained a priority. Friends, family and acquaintances have turned to Sarah for over a decade for her practical advice on healthy living. In response to this, Sarah became certified as a personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine and formally launched Thrive Guide: Coaching For 40+ Women. She advises women on all aspects of life-improvement, including weight-loss, exercise, nutrition and cooking. Let her story be your inspiration. Let her knowledge be your guide.