Protein In a Nutshell (or is it a meatball?)

Those of you who've worked with me know I'm a freak about protein. It's a total game changer for the 40+ woman. Most women who come to me aren't eating a lot of protein and are confused by protein requirements. I've helped countless clients up their protein intake (whether it be vegetarian or animal sourced) and it's assisted them in their nutrition, weight loss and physique goals. You'd be surprised what a little tweak in what you eat can do for your body and your mind.

To help you understand protein better, I'm linking to a great article on Girls Gone Strong that talks about protein and suggested protein intake for women, and which includes some good ideas for meals and snacks. Even if you don't want to lift like a beast at the gym, you STILL NEED ADEQUATE PROTEIN.

Have a great weekend, gang!