From the Way-Back Machine: Holiday Tips

All ya'll, it's Thanksgiving in, like, a minute. And the interwebs are replete with advice and how-to's on how to "survive" the holidays. In response, I bring you a post from my old blog, Semi-Sweet, because really, I can't improve on it. It's from near Christmastime 2013, but this is applicable to Thanksgiving or any eating and drinking event.

Would I change anything in that post today? Well, I'm sensitive to the last sentence that says I'd get in a "killer workout," mostly because I've come across so many women trying to atone for their dietary "indiscretions." I don't want that to happen. What to do if you go astray from where you want to be in terms of your health and/or physique goals? Pick it back up at the very next opportunity. That might be later in the day, or the next morning. Don't work out to exhaustion trying to sizzle up those extra calories. If you have a workout planned, just do it like you normally would. And you know I'm never opposed to walking. Walk walk walk all weekend long. I know I will.

With all that's going on in people's lives and the world at large, I think we deserve some moments of joy, if we can possibly eke out a few. And if special holiday foods shared with friends and/or family are part of your joy, then Sarah says, "party on." Yeah, you read me right: It's OK to take pleasure in food.

I send you all the joy, peace, gratitude and contentment a holiday can bring.