Bringing back food blogging?!

So those of you who follow my Facebook page know that I often post re food. And lately, I've gotten SO MANY requests to start food blogging again. It's flattering! I love that I'm inspiring people to try new things. It's such an honor and it's definitely part of what I want to be doing. 

But. I stopped food blogging for a few reasons. 

  1. It was isolating. I was alone in my kitchen (hey? here I am again?!) creating content and although I knew there were lots of peeps reading it, I didn't get to interact like I like to. I'm a social animal.
  2. It's a lot of work. Keeping track of all the modifications to recipes, typing them up, writing witty copy to go along w/the content, trying to take a decent photo . . . All while your family is waiting, for, well, frickin' meals, is tough. And it sucks some of the joy out of it all, to be honest.
  3. I wasn't creating radical change in anyone's life. What can I say? I wanted to really help people, women in particular, change their lives for the better. Sure, the recipes were helping people eat better and have more variety in their diets, but . . . .

So, I formally ramped up the coaching biz side of things and that's been EXACTLY what I was looking for. Flexibility to mom hard while doing something that's rewarding for me, and which helps women feel better about themselves. I get to problem-solve. I get to motivate. I get to nag people!

Here's my compromise. I'll start posting the food stuff here - mostly a log of things I've been trying and loving with a few notes on tweaks I may have made - so if you're not on Facebook, or are trying to be on it less, you'll get notified of new posts. The stuff will also all be here on the blog, so you can scroll through and find things more easily, hopefully. 'Cause food posts won't be interspersed with cute baby pics of my daughter (or my dog) or political rants or updates on my latest workout exploits.

Lemme know what you think! Comment! Ask questions! I can never get enough interaction.