Riff Off This

I wanted something healthful, and I've been trying to clean out the cupboards lately. I found this delicious looking recipe in a Buzzfeed email re make-ahead lunches, and decided to riff off of it - figured that it'd be great leftover for lunches the next couple of days. 

kale rice salad.jpg

I used a bunch of lacinato kale (removed the thick stem and sliced it thinly), about 1 c. of shredded carrots I had leftover, used about 1/4 c. of raisins and 1/4 c. of dried cranberries (pantry cleanout!), about 1/2 c. of salted pecans (chopped 'em roughly). I used pre-made curry powder and used that and salt on thinly sliced chicken breasts - did those up in the frying pan. Super quick. I made a quick dressing of the juice of a lemon, some raw honey, a little bit of good EVOO - massaged that into the kale. Instead of "Minute Rice," I cooked up some sprouted brown rice (it cooks in the same time as white rice, but is more nutrient-dense). Mix it all up. Adjust your seasonings. Eat it up!

Point is, this is a forgiving salad. You could make this up and eat it every day for lunch, and it'll be better leftover, for sure! Or do what I did, feed it to a select few (my kid'll never eat it) and enjoy the leftovers as a reward for your efforts.