Stuck Inside Today? Whip Up Some Healthy . . . .


I don't know about the weather where you are, but in Boston, it's disgusting. Rainy/sleety/snowy and cold. And so NOT spring-like. Comfort-food season lingers here, and yet, true spring weather is just around the corner . . . as is the time where we'll go from heating to air conditioning in the span of a week. That is to say, keep your eyes on the more scantily-clad prize and focus your comfort food cooking on lightweight, healthful favorites like this pureed broccoli soup from Eating Well magazine.

I make this as-written, except that I omit heavy cream (you could add coconut milk or soaked raw cashews for creaminess if you wanted to keep this vegan/dairy-free), add a ton of garlic and I like to use my own homemade chicken broth, if possible. More nutrition, more anti-viral effects, richer, more delicious taste. Today, I had on hand a package of organic shiitake mushrooms which I threw in too. Mushrooms will add a rich, earthy undertone to this. Sorta meaty. And shiitakes have a zillion health benefits too. Win-win.

Make this, eat it all week. Even if you use boxed/canned broth? Still TOTALLY worth your time. So much veggie goodness in one bowl. Super low-cal. Will increase your feelings of fullness if you have a cup of this before/along with a meal. And won't bulk you up for when the sun FINALLY COMES OUT.