What can Sarah do for you?


Yes to You (The First 8 Weeks)  $500

◦       Want to transform yourself, your lifestyle, your life? Start here and say "Yes to You." You'll receive:

  • A 60-minute Goals and Planning Session (GPS) with Sarah, where you'll review important personal information and design and set 8 week goals based on your motivation, values, obstacles and strengths

  • A customized workout routine, tailored to your individual time constraints, available equipment, etc.

  • A detailed, yet flexible plan for diet and lifestyle changes to help you meet your goals

  • "Sarah in your pocket": 8 weeks of non-judgmental, practical, on-call support via text and email messages to keep you motivated, accountable and focused no matter what life throws you

  • Required: Peter Drucker said it best, "What gets measured, gets managed." I require all clients with weight-related and/or nutritional goals to log their food intake. You must sign up for and use the Lose It! food tracking program - if not already a member, this will add an additional $39.99/year to your cost.

Go You! (The Monthly Thrive Guide Service) $250

◦       More to accomplish? Need continued support in your endeavors? After you’ve completed your initial 8 weeks as a Thriver, you may choose to continue with "Go You!" Sarah's monthly service. You'll receive:

  • One live, 60-minute coaching session each month with Sarah, which includes: reviewing your goals and challenges and refining your plan for moving forward (including progression of your workout routine); or you may choose from one of the a la carte options below

  • "Sarah in your pocket": Continued on-call support via text and email messages to keep you motivated, accountable and focused no matter what life throws you

  • Required: You must continue the use of LoseIt! during this period if you are working on weight-related and/or nutritional goals

A la carte services

These services are available in lieu of your monthly live coaching session, as additional, add-on sessions for coaching clients, or, if you're not being coached, as stand-alone sessions:

Recipe-Generator: Unsure of how to cook with a particular ingredient? Uninspired to cook? Want to add some easy, healthful recipes to your repertoire? Are there ingredients you want to incorporate into your meals, but you’re unsure of how to use them? This option includes a 1/2-hour phone consultation, followed by 5 customized recipes and menu ideas, straight from Sarah.

Menu Master: Stymied by what to make for your family any given week? Let Sarah know your preferences, limitations, allergies, etc. and she’ll generate a week’s worth of menus for you.

Supermarket Sweep: If you bring unhealthy food into your home, you’re going to eat it. Learn to work the market and make great decisions where it matters most. This option includes a one-hour tour of your favorite market, discussing how to identify the most nutritious foods and ingredients, along with strategies for preparing quick and delicious meals, lunches on the go, and healthy snacks.

Pantry Raid: This option includes a one hour visit to your home, where Sarah will peruse and discuss what’s stocked in your pantry and refrigerator, followed-up with personalized, written recommendations from Sarah for healthy improvements and new staples to stock for quick, easy, whole-foods meals.

Custom Order: What you want’s not on this menu? No problem. Let Sarah whip something up for you that meets your needs.

All all a carte and custom orders are billed at $110/hour.