Fridge Cleanout Is The Mother of Invention

In preparation for our vacation to Disney, I've been trying to use up ingredients in the fridge - two good little veggie preparations came out of this.

1)  I had some baby spinach and some grape tomatoes. Last night I halved the tomatoes, sauteed them in a tiny bit of olive oil, just so they softened and gave up some juice. Threw in the spinach and tossed it around with tongs. Once it was wilted, I tossed salt and pepper and grated parm. over the top. Good and easy.

2) Tonight I tackled 2 large beets. I'd intended to juice them (with apples & carrots, very good, by the way), but never got around to it. I hadn't had roasted beets in a while, so I cleaned them up, put them in a foil packet (holes for steam are a good idea) and roasted them at 375 for an hour. After they cooled a bit, I sliced them, drizzled a little olive oil over the top, added salt and pepper to taste, and then crumbled some good goat cheese over the whole mess. I had forgotten how sweet and earthy beets are when roasted, and how great goat cheese is on them.