What I'm Loving: 4.16.09

Hopefully the Bostonians among you have heard of Sofra, Ana Sortun's other place in Cambridge.  If not, you must must must check it out.  It's a little small and crowded, and the tables and seats are a little precious and uncomfortable, but the food is out of this world.  I think it's a destination place, but we're lucky 'cause we live nearby.

While I've tried a lot of things off the menu, I hadn't really made my way through the tea list.  And the other day I tried something new at Sofra that blew me away - Sofra's Cocoa Rose Tea.  It's cocoa nibs and rose tea (black tea with rose petals) and while it sounds like the cocoa might overwhelm the flavor of the whole operation, it doesn't - instead it's the dark, smoky backdrop to the flowery rose flavor - not easy to describe, but I urge you to try it.  You can pick it up to brew at home, too, which I did, so now I can enjoy a lil' bit of Sofra without jockeying for a parking spot.