"Tapped" Trailer

Oooh, folks.  This'll blow your hair back - from my favorite Enviroblog - re the evils of bottled water.

Seriously.  Are you still buying bottled water on a regular basis?  Quit it!  It'll take you a month to get used to filling up your Sigg/Kleen Kanteen/etc. bottle and heading out the door.  Yes, about that long to create a new habit that will save you money and decrease your chemical exposure/get stuff out of landfills/stop lining the pockets of corporate evil-doers.

Wouldn't that make you feel good?  

P.S. Some of you have had questions about whether the Sigg bottles contained trace BPA in the liner - here's the scoop from their site (including a link to pics to ID whether you have old or new liners in your bottles).  If you have pre-'08 bottles, they do have trace BPA, but Sigg's tests showed no leaching.  Decide for yourselves what you think you should do with those - I have ours segregated and will probably purge . . . .