What I'm Loving: 8.19.09

Ooooh, do you sometimes have a craving for something super sweet, yet satisfying?  Something chocolately and peanutbuttery?  This is a treat that you must promise me you'll enjoy in moderation, 'cause there's no portion-controlled packaging to save you if you get crazy over it, OK?  It's that good that you might get out of control . . . I've, on occasion, threatened to throw the jar out the window to save myself from myself!

You're dying to know now, right?  It's Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.  It really is like a peanut butter cup in a jar . . . would be great on a nice piece of toast for breakfast (try sliced bananas on top), or heated a smidge in the microwave and then drizzled over ice cream or froyo.  But people, I believe that it's best straight up, out of the jar.  Pure heaven.  But again, exercise caution!

For a real diet-buster, here's a winning recipe from their site which uses the stuff to make . . . peanut butter s'mores bread pudding.  Can you stand it?