I'm Getting Increasingly Pissed Off About The Sigg Bottles

sigg bottles

OK, so remember how I posted Sigg's confessional letter from a week or so ago?  The one where they finally admit that their pre-'08 bottles have trace BPA in them?  I've been reading more about it, and thinking more about it, and it's got my ire up.  It's slimy what they did - during all the BPA fury, they just kept quiet, even denied that their bottle linings contained BPA, and then they changed their liners (such an admission of guilt) but yet kept the bottles with the old liners on the market.  I BOUGHT SMALL BOTTLES FOR MY DAUGHTER IN EARLY SEPTEMBER OF LAST YEAR - WITH THE OLD FREAKIN' LINERS.  I SPENT $17.99 FOR EACH OF THEM. 

All told, I have 7 Sigg bottles with the old liners.  The small ones for L., some medium, some large.  Over $100 in Sigg bottles that I don't want to use anymore. 

I found this post tonight on one of my favorite blogs, and it does link to a site that says that Sigg will replace your bottles for you, with the ones with the new liners, if you write to them and if you pay the postage to send them.  So here's my question.  Can we trust them?  I mean, the new liners are some new chemical concoction.  Who's to say that's A-OK?  They do have 100% unlined stainless steel bottles, but they don't seem to be in stock, and the letter the linked-to site received says Sigg will replace the bottles with ones with the new liners.  I don't want any liners any more.  I think Sigg should send me whichever bottle I want in return for my old bottles, in order to create good will with one of their former #1 fans.  Or else I'm going to recycle all those mothers and order myself a slew of Kleen Kanteens.  Do you hear me, Sigg??  I feel ripped off, snookered and hoodwinked.

So please comment!  What are you going to do?