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This first link is not, of course, directly related to food and/or toxins, but instead it focuses on another part of healthy living:  living out your dreams.  This post on achieving your dreams is from the Crazy Sexy Life site, created by Kris Carr, who as some of your know, was the subject of the powerful and inspiring documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer.  But this post isn't just for people living with cancer, it's for anyone who might need a little push to remember what s/he would love to do, and who needs a little nudge to start doing it.

Here's a good little primer on Omega 3's from Dani Spies - you hear a lot about them, but do you get enough of them?  I have taken Omega 3 supplements for years, but also try to work in food sources as often as possible.  One other thing you should look for in a supplement is one that has been "molecularly distilled" - meaning that it's been purified so that it contains no heavy metals . . . . would be kinda a bummer to be taking those with breakfast, no?

NYC has banned bake sales in the city's schools - making their food policies some of the strictest in the country.  One "expert" supporting the decision says that kids don't need "an extra source of pointless calories."  Now folks, you know I'm all about healthful eating, but what about the pleasure of eating?  OK with me to take Doritos and soda out of the schools (Ring Dings too) but what the heck is wrong with a little real butter, sugar and/or chocolate once in a while?  This is an awfully utilitarian approach to eating.

Dannon lost a lawsuit filed against it for its claims that Activia yogurt boosts immunity (here's Tara Parker-Pope's ditty on probiotics from the Times) . . . what about other health claims?  Marion Nestle says NO food should carry a health claim, that foods are not drugs.  The European Food Safety Authority recently reviewed a ton of food health claims and found many of them unsubstantiated. 

Six reasons why we're not eating enough fruits and veggies, and some quick tips for how to get more on to your daily plate.

You may have not heard the news yet - after almost 70 years, Gourmet Magazine is folding.  Shocking.  Peter Davis (Henrietta's Table) & Ana Sortun (Oleana & Sofra) remember Gourmet.   Will all cooking pubs go the way of the Internet and t.v.?  I will miss waiting for those glossies to show up every month - sometimes that's all the "reading" I'm up for in a given week, and I can't bear to add to my "must-see t.v." list - the DVR is already packed.

Oooh oooh!  Anna Romagnoli (daughter of the couple that did the Romagnoli's Table t.v. show and were also restaurateurs) is opening an Italian specialties place on Mt. Auburn St. in Coolidge Square in Watertown - practically around the corner from me.  I'll report here once I've checked it out. 

A nice post on how to eat well when you're on the go, from the Healthy Child, Healthy World blog.  My favorite tip is at the end - preparation is key.  Sometimes, yes, you get caught up short and you have to hit a drive-through, but if you can, plan.  Nuts, cereal, cheese sticks, even sandwiches wrapped in re-sealable foil (or better yet, a re-usable container) can get you through a hypoglycemic meltdown . . . just ask L., queen of the backseat PB&J.

And last, but not least, Tara Parker-Pope again on the top 10 food poisoning risks. . . lots of my favs in there!