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Eeek!  A shortage of canned pumpkin!  (NYT)

On the road?  Here's a clever and funny fast-food flowchart to help you decide where to stop to eat.  (Eating The Road)

Not one, but 2 Brigham's locations have closed in the last few weeks - High St. in Boston (oh, the memories!) and last week, Mill St. in Arlington.  (Wicked Local)

Good suggestions for how to clean your home effectively, without the use of commercial antibacterials and disinfectants.  (Healthy Child Healthy World Blog)

Some helpful ideas for feeding your toddler.  (Real Food For Real Life)

Mark Bittman's great list of Thanksgiving make-ahead dishes.  The Thai squash soup idea would be a great way to use some of your CSA butternuts, folks! (The Minimalist)

Just another reason to avoid (or at least view with skepticism) foods that have health claims plastered across the front - usually they're just not true.  Here's a chronicle of Cheerios vs. the FDA.  (Fooducate)

And even more on bogus food claims - the Epicurious Blog debunks common claims.  (Epiblog)

See how Sigg bottles (boooo!  hissss!) are made - including the spraying of that evil lining.  Your kids might enjoy this.  (Enviroblog)