What I'm Loving: 2.2.10

meringue cookies


It's February, one month closer to fewer clothes and lighter loads . . . I won't lie to you guys, I have a killer sweet tooth.  It's nearly impossible for me to give up sugar entirely (and then I have the whole "forbidden fruit" thing going on that makes me want it more).  So when I want to indulge, I need to do it strategically.  Sometimes you need the whole enchilada - a brownie, a cookie made with butter, a piece of cake with frosting.  But sometimes you just need a sweet.  Enter the meringue.  They're made of egg whites, sugar and maybe some cream of tartar.  Nothin' else.  A pure, naturally fat-free hit of sugar.  You can crunch 'em, or you can let them melt in your mouth . . . your choice, it's all good.

The ones I've been eating lately are Spaan's brand, which I picked up at Whole Foods. They're small meringues, and you can have 14 of them for just 100 calories.  If you're into quantity, these are for you.  Plus, they come in interesting flavors like lemon and dulce de leche - move over, chocolate and vanilla . . . . swimsuit season, here we come!