Sweet Little Spring Salad

 pea shoots

I came home ravenous from Pilates yesterday.  But I didn't want to start raiding the cupboards for "whatever" - I wanted a healthful lunch.  On Sunday, I found organic pea shoots at Trader Joe's - they come in a 4 oz. clam shell container, and if you haven't tasted these, they taste like springtime.  That's them up there in the picture - they're delicate, yet crunchy, and they're a glorious green color.  What's more, they're super low-cal and they pack a nutritional punch, too.  Per serving, pea shoots have 7 times more vitamin C than blueberries, 8 times more folic acid than bean sprouts, and 4 times more vitamin A than tomatoes. 

I whipped up this delicious little salad in 10 minutes, and now you can, too.

Pea Shoot & Edamame Salad

2 oz. organic pea shoots, rinsed and spun dry
1/2 cup fresh or thawed frozen shelled edamame
1 t. rice vinegar
1 t. toasted sesame oil
1 t. sesame seeds
1 t. agave nectar
1 t. low-sodium soy sauce


Combine the pea shoots and edamame in a large bowl.  Combine the remaining ingredients in a small bowl and pour over the pea shoots/edamame mixture.  Enjoy!

Serves 1, but could easily be scaled up.

In case you're wondering . . . that wasn't all I had for lunch.  I also about 3/4 c. 0% Fage yogurt topped with 1/2 c. organic blueberries, 1/2 c. All-Bran cereal, and a little agave drizzled over the top . . . .