Off the Grid

new home

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post - I'm still here - just immersed in another project.  Two weeks ago, D. and I up and bought ourselves a new house - 3 minutes away from this old house, but in a neighborhood we've always coveted and watched since we moved to town.  It was all quite unexpected, so in the last 2 weeks, not only have we purchased a new home but we've readied ours for market and started showing it.  Talk about whiplash.  Talk about the need for convenience food!  Especially now that we're living in the "show home."  The amount of counter-wiping and surface-clearing required to show your house is horrifying.  Not to mention that you become the "crumb Nazi" to your kid.  I hope L. will still speak to me when this is all over . . . she is irritated by the whole affair, and really?  Who can blame her?  A friend said she knew someone who had her kids eat in the tub when they were showing the house.  That sounds like a great idea to me right now, except we can't all fit in the tub and L. hates to eat alone.

So we've been eating out a lot, and relying on Trader Joe's a lot . . . each evening, I enter the kitchen and peruse the selection of heat 'n' eat options available.  Thank goodness it's salad season - we've been eating a lot of giant salads with TJ's pre-grilled chicken breasts on top.  And chicken sausages.  And microwave quesadillas.  Grilling will be a good weekend option because then the squirrels can eat up the crumbs.

But today, for the locals, I have a gem.  Fordee's sandwich shop on Mount Auburn St. in Watertown.  This is so close to my house, and yet I have managed to avoid it for years . . . and now I know why I did - their falafel is freakin' amazing, peeps!  I'd read raves about it on Chowhound, but now, now that I tried it myself I have to concur and I URGE you to get yourselves there immediamente for a falafel wrap, or falafel on a salad, or a falafel plate . . . . whatever you do, get some falafel in your face.  It'll cheer you up.  I'm a much better person now because of that falafel wrap.

I'll be back to Fordee's during this moving escapade for sure - there are a ton of chicken wraps, gyros, shwarma . . . all your mid-east favorites at this small, family run store (plus burgers, chicken fingers, and the regular sub-shop favorites).

I'll keep you posted on what we're eating.  And as soon as we accept an offer on this house, I can mess up the kitchen again regularly . . . and wait'll you get a load of my new kitchen . . . it's chock-full of BTUs and oven space and yards of counter-top.  A cook's paradise, and I'll share it all with you.   I just have to stay afloat until we get there.