Tuesday Tidbit: GoodGuide

goodguide logo

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!  The weather was glorious here in the Boston area . . . we indulged ourselves with two cookouts, some lounging on the patio, a looong bike ride in Boston and a lot of Ikea shelving assembly (well, that last one wasn't so much of an indulgence, was it?).

But now we're back to work and school and I'm introducing a new weekly feature @Semi-Sweet, the Tuesday Tidbit.  Every Tuesday I'll highlight a resource, food fact or health tip that'll help you live a healthier life.  

Today's Tidbit features the GoodGuide.  GoodGuide provides manufacturers, retailers and consumers with the health, environment and social responsibility information they need to make better purchasing decisions. The site rates over 70,000 consumer products according to their health, environmental and social performance. And GoodGuide even provides a free iPhone app so that you can scan product barcodes and receive instant ratings on products.

GoodGuide ratings range from 0 to 10 (10 being the best) and indicate how a product performs on a comprehensive set of health, environmental and social metrics. If you are looking to switch to a better product, GoodGuide’s summary rating can be used to easily identify the best products in a category. If you are looking for more refined ratings, drill down from the summary rating to focus on a product’s health performance, or a company’s environmental or social performance.

However you choose to use it, the GoodGuide is a quick way to find non-toxic, environmentally friendly products from companies with good social and safety records.