New Ways With: Pesto

basil pesto

I know that some of your gardens are still over-flowing with basil . . . and if you have a food processor or blender, pesto is so easy to whip up.  Make it in big batches, omit the cheese (for now) and throw it in your freezer for a little hit of sunshine come winter.  Then go beyond pasta and use your pesto in a new way:

  • Use as a spread for grilled cheese sandwiches - try some great bread and use provolone cheese
  • Top a homemade or prepared pizza crust with pesto, cheese, red bell peppers and/or chicken and enjoy a new twist on a quick old favorite
  • Top a cracker with a schmear of cream cheese (or goat cheese) and a dollop of pesto for a gourmet snack
  • Spread it under the skin of bone-in, skin-on chicken parts and bake for a moist, savory treat
  • Add a spoonful to your favorite tomato or roasted red pepper soup
  • Broil up a fillet of mild white fish (think cod, haddock or tilapia) and serve it with a little pesto smeared over the top
  • Use as a topping for baked potatoes

What're your favorite ways to use pesto?