New Ways With: Peanut Butter

peanut butter

If there are no allergies at your house, chances are you're like us and this stuff's a staple.  We love PB&J, PB&honey and PB atop apple slices.  Yawn.  Lookin' for some new mates for a favorite spread?  Look no further!

  • Stir a tablespoonful or so into your hot morning oatmeal
  • Add 1/3 c. into pancake batter before cooking - using crunchy peanut butter will add texture and flavor
  • Grill up up a PB&pear sandwich - add a few thin slices of pair and a drizzle of honey to your sammie and grill 'til wam and toasty
  • Whip up a spicy sauce:  combine 1/2 c. creamy PB, 2 T. each of low-sodium soy sauce and brown sugar, the juice from 1 lime, a teaspoon of sriracha and a little hot water to thin . . . brush it on chicken or tofu and grill

More PB inpiration is here. . . a video + recipes by Gail Simmons (Food & Wine Magazine) that'll make your mouth water and get you into your kitchen, stat!

What're your favorite ways to use peanut butter?