Tuesday Tidbit: Is Your Wheat Really Whole?


I've talked about it before - you need to be eating whole grains.  Not the refined ones, the ones with the nutrient-rich bran and germ intact - you'll get vitamins, minerals and fiber from these.  If you're a more average American than me, you eat sandwiches often, and bread can be a good place to get a dose of whole grains into your diet - but wait, what do all those labels mean?  "Stone ground?"  "Multi-grain?" Are those the real deal?

As you should with all foods - bypass the health claims and labels and head for the list of ingredients.  Look for the word "whole" in the first few ingredients - as in "whole wheat flour," "whole oat flour," etc.  And what if you're not a bread or sandwich eater?  There are lots of delicious options for you, and here are some tasty ways to prepare them . . . .