Tuesday Tidbit: Stop A Craving

halloween candy

Halloween's right around the corner.  You're going to be tempted, very tempted, by all that candy . . . and for those of you who have kids, you KNOW you're gonna sneak some treats out of their stash once they've gone to bed, right?  How to back away from the bowl?  Read on . . . .

  1. Name 5 things you see in front of you.
  2. Identify 4 colors you see.
  3. Describe 3 things your body's feeling (like temperature, or a texture)
  4. Identify 2 sounds.
  5. State 1 thing you can smell.

These 5 simple steps zero you in on your senses, thus quieting the craving chatter in your head.  Once you're tuned into your body better, you can make the choice about whether you're really hungry, or munchin' just because.