Tuesday Tidbit: Cooking Apps for iPhones


I'm a total information hound at heart . . . it wasn't an accident that I chose to become a litigator - it was my jobto take in as much info. from as many sources as possible and cull through them to present a cogent, persuasive argument.  And now, in my new role as schlepper-in-chief, I've set my sights on recipes, cooking apps and nutrition information. 

I do find that sometimes I'm on information overload.  Years ago when I was learning about meditation and the Relaxation Response, I remember my marvelous mentor telling us that sometimes you need to take a break from media.  That it can help calm the body and quiet the mind.  It works, you should try it.  For at least a few minutes.

But when you're done with all that relaxing stuff, and you need more sources in inspiration and information, where can you turn?  To satisfy your cooking needs, here are some great lists of cooking apps for your iPhone:

You'll see Jamie Oliver's app coming up again and again on these lists - I bought it a while ago and it is that good.  Fun, beautiful, easy to use and with tasty recipes. 

Bon appétit!