What I'm Loving: 12.3.10


I've been on a crunchy snack kick lately, and it's gonna show up in my jeans.  Too many Trader Joe's Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks add lbs. to the scale.  So I've gotta quit that, on account of needing to eat a few (dozen? trillion?) cookies this month.  So I set out to find a lower-impact crunchy snack, and I rediscovered the rice cake.  I hear you out there, "booooring!" Well, you know there are white-cheddar cakes?  They are reminiscent of Smartfood.  And caramel flavor if you want crunchy + sweet.  And how 'bout the million ways you can top a rice cake - hummus is a particular favorite, as are nut butters, and really any sandwich filling.

But I found a new, new love - corn cakes!  Yes, these Real Foods Corn Thins are delicious, crunchy, all natural, gluten free, free of GMOs and have 44 calories for two of 'em! (They are thinner than your average rice cake).  They work better with fillings because they're less crumbly than a rice cake.  The sesame flavor with Trader Joe's chipotle hummus slathered on top is a great snack.

So lay off the chips and crackers for now, folks, budget in room for that rib roast by economizing elsewhere!