Tuesday Tidbit: Public Restrooms

public toilet

Icky. Poo.  They can be nasty, or they can be not-so-bad, but most of us would agree that the away-game is not ideal.  Here're some ways to minimize your contact with all those germies.

  1. Avoid the middle stall.  It's used the most, believe it or not, and so it accumulates the most bacteria.  Hot tip - the first stall tends to be the cleanest.
  2. Don't put your purse on the floor.  If there's not hook or shelf, keep it on your shoulder . . . one study found that 1/3 of pocketbooks placed on restroom floors had fecal matter on the bottom.  You don't want to bring that home with you, do you?
  3. Flush-n-go.  That forceful public bathroom flush can aerosolize germs in the toilet bowl . . . so get out before they land on you!
  4. It may go without saying, but for goodness sakes, wash up when you're done - that stall door latch you must handle to get out is one of the germiest places evah.