Resolution Follow Through: The Boston Food Bloggers Launch

So it's the third week of the new year . . . how're you doing on those resolutions?

One of my professional biggies for '11 is to network more.  Since launching Semi-Sweet in August of '09, I've read and admired so many fellow bloggers, many of them in Boston . . . but have I met any? Like, "in real life" (as L. would say)? Not until last night.

That's right.  Mama hired herself a sitter, braved the chill, and made for Boston's South End, where The Gallows welcomed a crowd for what can best be described as the hugely successful launch of the Boston Food Bloggers group.  The Gallows is a cool room - dimly lit, funkily decorated, great big bar . . . but bad for photogs.  So let me paint the picture for you - 150 or so enthusiastic, vibrant and literate folks crammed into a small space, clamoring for delicious vittles cheerfully supplied by The Gallows (poutine?! crazy bacon caramel Chex mix?!), Geoff & Drew's Cookies, SoCo Creamery and more . . . and all so freakin' friendly!

This old lady had to wear specs just to make out familiar faces gleaned from teeny Twitter avatars . . . so exciting to finally meet people in person - to hear the "out loud" voices of all these writers and personalities I'd been communicating with for the past 18 months.

And oh yeah, there was swag.  Each blogger went home with a big fat UrbanSpoon tote, full of goodies provided by Whole Foods Legacy Place (Um, hello? a jar of my favorite fig spread? Squee!), b.good, Aquitaine Dedham, the Yard House at Legacy Place, Wicked Pizza, National Amusements cinema de lux, Union Bar and Grille, Island Creek Oyster BarTreat Cupcake Bar, Chocolee Chocolates (another fav, discovered on the fabu South End Chocolate Tour last spring), Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps (suitably addicting), Biscotti Babies (betcha can't eat just one!) and more . . . lots of new inspiration for snacking and dining here.

As I sit here and type this up, joyfully munching on my Geoff & Drew's chocolate chip brownie cookie I'm excited I'm already on my way to fulfilling at least one new year's resolution (the slimming down a bit resolution, not so much).  Thanks so much to Rachel Blumenthal (you can check out her fun blog here) and Christine Liu of UrbanSpoon (it's no joke - she is "mighty in media"!) for putting this on.  This housewife enjoyed getting out of her kitchen and into the mix!

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