Tuesday Tidbit: How 'Bout a Brew?

You've probably heard the news - tea's great for your health.  But are all teas created equally healthful? Nope.

Green and black tea are a great source of polyphenos, which can help you fight cancer and heart disease and can also boost your metobolism.  But you need to brew your own for the biggest bang.  Get this - you'd have to drink up to 20 bottled teas to get the same level of antioxidants!?  Not to mention the fact that many bottled teas contain stuff that's not good for you (sugar), or just plain bad (artificial colors and sweeteners) and can be bottled in plastic bottles.  To maximize the healthy in your cup, follow brewing directions according to the type of tea you're brewing - for green and white teas, heat the water to not-quite-boiling, and for black, use boiling.  Steep according to your preference, but usually not more than 5 minutes.

Image: Catherine Hadler / FreeDigitalPhotos.net