Meet My Nemesis

We just came home from an all-inclusive beach resort and although we had a great time, I'm overstuffed.

From a food perspective, being at a place like this was fascinating. I've read David Kessler and Brian Wansink and they both talk about how the availability and quantity of food affect how much we eat . . . and I got that, but I didn't GET THAT until I was faced with unlimited bacon, cheesy panini, cookies, etc. etc. etc.

Case in point: Our favorite pool was by a giant restaurant where they had a breakfast buffet every morning. And the buffet ran until around 11 a.m. And we get up early, so by 10:30 or so, the family is hungry again. Did I go in and get a plate of fruit to bring back to the pool? Sometimes I did, but mostly for the afternoon snack. What I more often got was a plate of croissants. Usually an assortment of plain and chocolate. To eat at 10:30 by the pool. What?!

And in the p.m.? Well, that buffet closed mid-afternoon, so if we missed last call, I'd go around the corner and get a little pizza for us to nosh on. Or some nachos. Or a bag of popcorn (think movie-theater-style, ain't no air-poppin' at this ranch). Unbelievably calorie-dense food.

Was it delicious? Some of it was pretty good. Was it great to be able to feed myself and my family without any thought to acquisition and preparation of ingredients? Definitely. Was I sick of it by the end? Undeniably. Even L., queen of the 4 p.m. pizza-pie w/bacon, was craving simple, whole and healthful by the time the week was over.

What's my plan now? Well, it's March 1st-eve, and I'm getting back on track and motivated with a challenge. That's right, people, ACCOUNTABILITY. Check out my "Move Into March" challenge on Social Workout. Join up. Work out. Be happier.

Who's in?

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