What's Up?

I've been gone from here for a while . . . and some of you have taken notice. "What's up with you?" come the emails, the questions at school, the texts and phone calls.

It's all been good, friends. There's no crisis, no health emergency. My mammo was clear, my cholesterol rocks.

No, it's this: I've been taking some time away to evaluate the blog, my involvement with the blog and what I want to do (or not do) with the blog. I've also been committed to my Move Into March challenge and to healthy eating, and I've lost the 7 lbs. I gained thanks to my arthritis and my vacation. I have been able, for the first time in 2 years, to exercise standing up. I feel great, I'm enjoying myself. I've been reading lots, and prepping very simple, very healthful food.

"So what about RECIPES???" "The well is dry!!!" come other emails . . . I love love love that you all depend on the recipes - that this blog serves you so well! I may try posting once a week or so - try to strike a happy medium for us all, but truthfully, I'm really quite preoccupied with thinking up ways to better integrate my passion for healthy living, my love of food and cooking and face-to-face, real-life connections with people like you.

As Tama Kieves says, "If you feel lost, you're on your way to the miraculous." I'll admit it - I have no idea what's going on yet.  But hang with me, will you? What's yet to come might be even better than we all could have imagined!

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net