I know you tune in to Semi-Sweet to read posts about and see lists of my recommended spots to eat and shop, and now there's another platform to follow my travels - urbantag. It's launching today, and it should be great - you know how Pinterest gives you a chance to curate all your favs in whatever categories you choose? Well, urbantag's similar - it lets you curate your own personal collection of places to share with your friends.

In short, urbantag's an easy way to:

• leave a quick opinion on real-world places • discover new places from trusted sources • curate once, publish anywhere

For more info, sign up here: http://www.urbantag.com.

I’ve been made an urbantag "Tastemaker" (love this!) and I'm using urbantag to bookmark and share places I love. I’ve kicked it off by building a map called "Healthy Restaurants and Markets in Greater Boston" that you can view here: http://urbant.ag/02G9Oa. Let me know what you think. Once you follow my map, you can also have access on the go by downloading the iPhone app here.

Now you tell me: What should my next urbantag map be?