Game On!

This summer will mark a first for me as a blogger - my first conference. I'll be attending the Healthy Living Summit, which will be held August 17-19 in Cambridge. Hundreds of bloggers in once place . . . many of whom I've been reading for years . . . 10 minutes from my home? Couldn't pass this one up!

The Summit's Gold Sponsor is Wild Harvest®, purveyors of healthy, wholesome goodness, available in conventional supermarkets like our local Shaw's/Star Market. I love that this brand is dedicated to providing a more affordable organic option - they're committed to ensuring that their prices are 10% lower than other organic brands on the shelf.

When I registered, I was asked if I wanted to participate in the Wild Harvest® Breakfast Showdown - a recipe competition. I said "yes!" and yesterday, a big box of Wild Harvest Goodies showed up on my doorstep.

My challenge is to use at least three of these products to create a fun and healthy breakfast. There's an interesting assortment here:

Let's see - from left to right we have mango-peach salsa, peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, cherry vanilla granola, black beans, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, animal crackers and raisins. Until I figure out what I'm doing, these are all off-limits to the hungry hoards over here, except for the animal crackers and the granola, which I let L. rip into. She has pronounced the granola "delicious!" And it is - I need to hide it, it's so good - this stuff is calorie-dense and loaded with sugar (14 g for a 3/4 c. serving size). I'm eliminating this and the cookies from the running for the recipe because to me, they're dessert. Besides, neither wouldn't stick with me well enough to eat for breakfast.

I have a week or so to work some recipe-development magic. Entries are awarded points in each of three categories: taste, creativity, and nutrition. The top five finalists will be announced on or before August 18, and the winner will be announced at the Summit - where the winning dish will be served to the attendees - how cool is that?  The winner gets a $500 gift card, redeemable at SUPERVALU stores.

Wish me luck!