Linky Love: The Best Kale Salad. Evah.

You know it's rare, but sometimes I make a recipe exactly as written. It's true! Especially when I'm dealing with new methods or ingredients and I'm not sure how they work or taste. Friday night's kale salad is an example. You know me - I eat kale. I have loved kale since before kale was kool. I have an Eat More Kale t-shirt for chrissake. But I've never had the guts to eat it raw. It always seemed so, well, curly and tough. The same reason I love it for cooking - it doesn't break down easily and get slimy (I'm lookin' at you, spinach) - is what made me think I'd dislike it raw.

I was wrong. Oh, so so so wrong.

Don't get turned off by the fact that this is a Weight Watchers recipe, OK? You don't have to tell anyone. You can just push a plate in front of them with this salad and watch them take a taste, their eyes light up, and hear them exclaim. DH did just that on Friday night when I made this. I was pretty sure he'd be a hater - instead he is a HUGE FAN.

Here's the link. Buy good-quality cheese and use fresh lemon. Make it soon.

And you? Have you tried raw kale? What'd you think? Got recipes to share? Lay 'em on me!