What I'm Lovin': 7.2.12

I love crunchy snacks. And I'm not talking about baby carrots. They're fine, but when I crave crunch, I'm usually looking for a cracker or a crisp or a chip. I usually have to talk myself off some ledge if I'm watching what I eat . . . and I always have to limit my portions because even if I'm not being strict with myself, I have a tendency to get out of hand with these things.

So imagine my delight when the generous folks at Snack Factory sent over a GINORMOUS tote bag full of Pretzel Crisps? To my door. In the pouring rain one day. When I was home alone with L. and feeling snacky. How is it that I'd never had these things? I dunno, but now I know I can't have them in my house for fear of going CRAZY on them, which I did.

First a little background - I was surprised to learn that these folks are the ones who birthed the first Funnel Cakes, then Bagel Chips . . . then on to the flat, crunchy Pretzel Crisp. They're snacking innovators - with lots of years of successful product under their belts!

But on to the truly important stuff: There are amazing flavors. Original, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo Wing, Everything, Jalapeno Jack, Chipotle Cheddar, Sesame. My all-time favorites are Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo Wing, but I wouldn't toss any of these outa bed. Even the Original and Everything flavors are super - just the right amount of salt, perfect for dipping or for layering with a bit of cheese and fruit or veg - they're nice and sturdy. When I was posting on Facebook about these, a Semi-Sweet reader even told me she beaks them up and puts them over her salad for flavor and crunch - I think that's a great idea - I love crunch on top of my salads.

I opened every bag, the day I got these. Tried every flavor. Went back for more, and more and more of my favorites. D. took them up to his office while he worked late into the night. We served them to our families at a Memorial Day cookout. We were all Pretzel Crisps, all the time here for a week or so, and I loved every minute of it.

But it had to end. I had a few more lbs. to lose.

As snacks go, these are much better for you than a Cheeto, or a Dorito, or any of those other greasy, neon-colored crunchy snacks. But they're still a treat. At 110 calories and no fat per serving, they're not outrageous, but let's remember that a serving is something like 10 crisps, and I can ASSURE YOU, you're going to want more of these. So what'll you do? Eating out of the bag can get ugly - try portioning out the number you want to eat into a little bowl or a baggie, and limiting yourself to that. Then do some stern self-talking to ensure you don't go overboard . . . 'cause you'll want to! And what if you want to get fancy? Well, there's that salad idea, or if you want to whip up some funky appetizers, head over to the Pretzel Crisp Facebook Page where they've recently held a recipe contest and get inspired!

You should know: Snack Factory provided me with a tote-bag full of Pretzel Crisps. They didn't ask me for a review, I decided to do it because their product is delicious and more nutritious than a lot of other crunchy snacks out there . . . all the opinions in this review are my own!