Where I've Been & Where I'm At

Hello, sweeties! So much has been going on - good and not-so-great. My daughter's had all sorts of health issues this summer - nothing too serious, but serious enough to suspend plans and abort vacations and visit emergency departments in two different countries. So needless to say, that's where I've been. And not here. She's getting sorted out, and now, so am I!

I've not been cooking the most imaginative stuff over here, I must admit. And yet, it's been strangely relaxing to be "off the hook" from blogging new recipes every week. It's freeing to serve up chicken sausages and sauteed/shredded/sliced/boiled (as in corn on the cob) veg from the CSA share every week and not worry about variety. I've been keeping things like hard cooked eggs and cooked quinoa and lentils in my fridge, at the ready, for hearty salads that keep my energy up and my nutrition high.

I've been keeping up with my training, too, and although I need to be re-evaluated by my trainer, I can tell you for sure that I'm stronger and leaner than ever, despite the craziness of the last 6 weeks. It's exciting - and I commend to you the benefits of high intensity interval training . . . I'm doing it about three days a week and I'm in the best shape of my life right now. I even worked out while on vacation - a first for me - and it was great. NO weight gain (I normally gain 5 lbs. on our two week summer vacation) and I just felt better. To add to those, we hiked and biked and walked all over on our vacation - felt great to be active, as opposed to our "usual" summer vacay sitting on the beach all day, every day (which has its merits - I didn't read nearly the volume of books I intended to this year!).

But I miss you, and I miss creative food and I miss routine. School starts soon and all this will come back into play. The workout schedule will be back (personal training and group training and Pilates and Red Cord and steady-state cardio - hoooooray! I'll see you soon!) and the Crock Pot will be stewing away on the counter. The CSA will perk along for a few more months, and I'll again crank out interesting, quick and healthful recipes for ya'll.

September is all about getting back-on-track and starting fresh - and I wanna know: What would YOU like to see/read/know on the blog in September and beyond? PLEASE leave me a comment and inspire us all!



P.S. New collage skilz - like them apples? Learned a couple things at this past weekend's Healthy Living Summit, thankyouverymuch! Psst, if you click on the collage, you can see it bigger . . . .