Leafy Love, Redux

Raw leafy greens and luscious avocado team up again in a new dinner salad. Vegan, or not - your choice!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Worthwhile Gadget: The TofuXpress

Easier, tastier tofu? Sign us up!

Napa Cabbage Slaw

This quick & crisp salad is the foundation for a light and cooling meatless summer meal.

Play it cool, [wo]man . . . .

A cool, easy & fresh summer salad, packed with protein and fiber.

Soba Noodles with Asian Greens & Peanut Sauce

Quick-cooking Asian greens add loads of nutrients to this peanutty-licious noodle dish.

Easy Pasta with Lentils, Spinach & Leeks

A few pantry ingredients combine to make a quick & healthful meatless dinner. Vegan if you wish.

Curried Lentils With Sweet Potatoes and Baby Kale

30 minutes to a super-tasty, super-food party in your mouth.

Late to the Spinach Party - But Let's Celebrate Anyway!

What? National Spinach Day and no one told me? Hop on the spinach bandwagon and get yourself some goodies!

Super Quick, Dead Easy Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

A quick 'n' dirty way to use up tomatoes . . . deliciously!

Expandable Side Dish: Kale & Chard with Tomato and Garlic

A yummy side veg dish that can be made into a meal - a Thursday twofer!

Slow Cooker 17 Bean and Barley Soup

A thick bean soup from your slow cooker.