The Buzz on Sarah . . . .

"It has been almost a year since Sarah coached me back to health and back to me.  I was a fifty-something (OK…56) year old solo working mom who was facing thyroid surgery and menopause.  I was scared and overweight.   I feared cancer, first; a loss of energy, second; and the prospect of a slower metabolism due to thyroid issues and menopause, third.  I knew I needed help and I didn’t have a lot of time.  Fortunately, I found the solution…Sarah!

Sarah is knowledgeable, experienced and smart (intellectually and emotionally).  She lives what she speaks.  Together we developed a plan that worked for me.  In my case the plan was minimal exercise and focus on healthy eating and portion control.  I logged my food (yes, it is absolutely necessary) and increased the proportion of protein and fat in my diet.  With Sarah’s support and humor (she is very witty) I stayed the course.  I lost 24 lbs and 19 inches in 4 months with Sarah.   A year later I am down 30 lbs and 24 inches.  I feel fantastic and I am back to me.  I could not have gotten here without Sarah."  - S.


"Prior to working with Sarah, I was trying desperately to focus on my nutrition, and lose that stubborn 10 lbs. that many people struggle to lose. I was eating hardly anything and yet not losing. Due to a horrible fall a few years ago, I was also dealing with chronic pain. Pain, starving, and no energy was my starting point.
What I love about working with Sarah, is her willingness to stand at the "starting line" right next to you. She has the amazing ability to partner with you, coach you, and inspire you, all within your busy time schedule. I would get these little text messages during my day, when I needed it most. To know I wasn't alone, was what I needed.
I consider myself a healthy, active person, and yet I was not able to do this alone. In the end (or should I say my fresh new start), I have lost those stubborn 10 lbs. I did not realize how much sugar was sabotaging my daily food plan.  I now am aware of what I need to eat daily--more protein and less sugar/carbs. I know this stuff but like most people, I had gotten sloppy over time. I thought protein/energy bars were okay, and they are, but I was eating them daily.
After my fall, I was scared to get back on my bike. I have numbness in the balls of my feet and had to retrain myself to run. While working with Sarah, I was able to do my first triathlon in 3 years. Not only that, but I finished 7th in the 50-54 age group, with an overall finish of 131 out of almost 600 racers.
My next step? More triathlons for next year.
Sarah is a caring, compassionate lifestyle coach. I'm so grateful for her." -T.


"In September, I was approaching my 45th birthday and found myself up 8-10 pounds from my desired weight. Sarah tweaked my diet, showed me how to track what I eat, and worked with me on a reasonable exercise plan to get me feeling strong again.  Within 8 weeks I was down 8 pounds and had lost 2.5" from my abdomen. I continued to work with Sarah to maintain that weight loss during the holiday season.  I can't recommend her enough--knowledge, motivation, support, and strategies that I can implement on my own." -K.


"Before working with Sarah, I was at my wit’s end. I was like so many women – caught up in that never-ending cycle of dieting, then binging – always on the lookout for that “quick fix” that would finally help me lose weight. Sarah helped me identify possible triggers for my bad choices. She really took time to listen to me, then offered a potpourri of solutions to help me break my negative behavior cycles. Sarah took the emphasis off losing weight, instead helping me to incorporate habits that made me feel like the best version of myself. With zero judgment, Sarah helped me become aware of how my daily choices affect not only my waistband, but also my overall feeling of well-being and confidence. I ended up with a significant weight loss and more energy – a win-win! No better coach out there." -C.


Before working with Sarah, I was really stuck.  I had been going to a gym for three years and trying to lose weight.  Not only was I not losing weight, I had gained weight and was at my highest weight in my life.  I was struggling with sugar cravings and having trouble cutting back on wine.  

I loved working with Sarah because she made everything simple.  She adjusted my protein/carb/fat ratios.  She made suggestions for how to deal with my nightly sugar craving that worked and kept me satisfied.  She helped me cut down the wine to two nights per week.  She did this in a way that was sustainable over the longterm.  I was not hungry all the time.  The best thing was she asked me what approach I liked to coaching and she used that approach.  I got friendly and encouraging reminders and check-ins. And when I encountered hurdles she helped me get over them with some easy adjustments.  She introduced me to great tools — an online food journal, slow cooker, weights for home, etc.  I looked forward to our daily visit by email. 

The three most significant outcomes for me are 1) I have lost 14 pounds - a goal I was not able to achieve in years 2) I have an eating plan I can rely on that works and 3) I have cut back on alcohol.  

Life is so much better.  I feel proud of myself.  My clothes fit better.  I have more energy.  There is nothing better than accomplishing better health.  

I will continue to make improvements and adjustments.  I look forward to incorporating new recipes into my eating plan and to continue to cut down on carbohydrates.  

Sarah is a terrific coach — working with her was like having a good friend in my corner. -N.


Before I started working with Sarah, I was either “on” or “off” a diet.  I didn’t know how to make good food choices or how to incorporate healthy eating into my day-to-day life. Sarah changed that. She taught me strategies to deal with the chaos that is real life: What to do when traveling for work; faced with a girls’ night out; and how to cope with a hectic family schedule. Sarah supported me unconditionally throughout the process of losing nearly 40 pounds - there for me 24/7 whenever I had questions, needed coaching and/or accountability. The results I’ve achieved are awesome: I feel better in my own skin; I went down three sizes; I have more energy; and my cholesterol numbers are much better. Moreover, I learned how to cook healthy meals, shop strategically at the supermarket, and eat balanced snacks. I came away with a toolbox of healthy habits that’ll help me going forward – like how to be more aware of what I’m eating and how to get back on track when I overindulge. –L.